Pathways:  New Music for Trombone

Andrew Glendening, trombone

includes Christopher Cook:  Clowns for Solo Trombone

©Mark, MCD-2645, Andrew Glendening

CD- $15 (Longleaf #2765)

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SEAMUS:  20th Anniversary Electroclips

includes Christopher Cook:  I Started (computer music)

©SEAMUS, EAM-2006-2

CD- $15 (Longleaf #2762)


Mary Hellmann, piano

Chopin:  Scherzo b minor Op. 20

Beethoven:  Sonata. Op. 57 Appassionata

Debussy:  Images Bk II:

        Cloches a travers les feuilles

        Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut

        Poissons' d'or

Listz:  Mephisto Waltz

©Longleaf Music, 2006 (Longleaf #2765)

CD- $15

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60x60 2005-2006

includes Christopher Cook: Gamaka (computer music)

©VN-002, Vox Novus (NYC):  2 CD set

CD- $18 (Longleaf #3048)

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Escape Ten:  Colours of a Groove

includes Christopher Cook:  Abandoned Roadside Chorale

©Escape Ten

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American Piano Music Series:  V. 2

includes Christopher Cook:  Dreamscape

Martin Jones, piano

©ProNova Recordings, 2016 (Longleaf #2785)

CD- $15

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Firebreak: Mary Hellmann, piano

includes Christopher Cook:  Dreamscape, Metropolis

Mary Hellmann, piano

©Centaur Records, Inc., 2021 (Longleaf #2788)

CD- $15

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